Humor In Documentation

Documentation is often dull and drab, optimized for getting information to those in need as efficiently as possible. Yet once in a while there’s something that makes dorks like myself chuckle. Like fun example data in the Atlassian Confluence documentation:

Confluence Documentation - Fight Club

The characters are from Fight Club, if you aren’t familiar with the movie.

Nothing says you can’t entertain while you’re informing, even if it is just movie character names.

6 thoughts on “Humor In Documentation”

  1. I like the following quote, taken from the Solaris truss man page:

    “This is for unredeemed hackers who must see the raw bits to be happy.”

  2. Marc: I haven’t read the book — I do have something in my “unread” pile from Palahniuk, I’ll have to see what it is. And then read it. 🙂 Also, congrats on the Dell/EqualLogic merge! I hope it presents good opportunities for you.

    Charles: Nice. 🙂 LOL. My coworkers and I got a laugh out of that.

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