I Wish VMware Would Hurry Up and Release VI 3.5

I wish VMware would hurry up and release VI 3.5[0]. It’s getting hard to figure out what information has been released to the public and what I only know because of my NDA status[1].

I say this as I put a presentation on VMware together. It’s easy for me to forget that to others the basics of virtualization are new and exciting. It’s been my reality for nearly four years.[2]

[0] Within reason, as I’d rather it be stable. 🙂

[1] Not that things like NDAs have stopped some other bloggers.

[2] Virtual reality? 🙂

2 thoughts on “I Wish VMware Would Hurry Up and Release VI 3.5”

  1. How about a forum that requires a copy of ones nda for access? Once inside, users can compare VMware lies, laugh, repeat.

  2. I watched/listened to a VMWare Webinar two-three weeks ago, and I’m just annoyed that the recent release was 3.02u1 and not the 3.5 that is supposedly to be released this year.

    On a more personal note, I wish more happened on the VMWare Server side, like a VMWare Server 2.0

    VI3 is slightly too expensive for private use at home, but some of the features (and perhaps upcoming features) would be really nice to see in a VMWare Server 2.0 release. 😀

    I just feels sooo sloooow when the updates are “bug fixes and .01 updates. Heck, VMWare Server feels ancient by now.

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