@%$&# Comment Spammers

I find it interesting that my post entitled “F’in Comment Spammers” is the #1 post targeted by comment spammers.


In reading that old post I realize I’ve fallen way behind on my project to script the finding and killing of comment spammers. As I said, “not just a quick death, but a long, painful one involving cucumbers, grizzly bears, and sandstone. And not the nice cucumbers, either, but the homegrown ones with all the little spiky things on them.”

I still feel that way, though I may replace the sandstone with sporks.

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  • Do you need cheap vi@gra@? I can provide it.

    Just kidding. I’m in a punchy mood and felt like tweaking someone. ;)

  • Heh, and I’ve been away from my email so long that I can’t even return the tweaking properly. :-)

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