How to Play Podcasts Back to Back on The iPod/iPhone

I love the Scientific American podcasts “60-Second Science” and “60-Second Psych.” I queue them up and listen to them in batches. However, my iPhone won’t play all of them continuously. Since they’re all about a minute long that means a lot of extra clicking to find the next one, which just won’t do. I am not very good at walking in a straight line and controlling my iPod, and very bad at driving and doing so.

What I’ve started to do is instead of using the podcast sync feature I create a smart playlist and sync that instead. The podcasts won’t appear as podcasts on the iPod/iPhone, but they will appear in a playlist that will play continuously.

My smart playlist matches all of the following rules:

Podcast is true.
Name starts with 60-Second.
Play Count is 0.
Limit to 25 items selected by least recently added.

When you sync the items you’ve listened to will get marked as “Not New.” If you play all the way through the podcast the play count will increment, so it won’t be in the list anymore, and then new stuff will sync. Yay!

2 thoughts on “How to Play Podcasts Back to Back on The iPod/iPhone”

  1. Thank you so much for solving this frustrating problem for me. I can’t understand why something that is so easy on a touchwheel Ipod, or even using the car controls can’t be done on the touchscreen without this cunning dodge!

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