Even Sysadmin Blogs Have Outages

Apparently the colocation provider I’m with is having some router trouble… Sorry for the sporadic ups and downs today (or constant downs, more like it).

In the “do as I say, not as I do” category I took the opportunity to change my DNS hosting back to GoDaddy’s servers, too[0]. Normally I wouldn’t think of changing something during an outage but since my TTLs were an hour anyhow it seemed to be a good opportunity. I would hate to deprive someone of their Lone Sysadmin news feed. 🙂

Thanks all! I haven’t said it recently but thanks for reading, commenting, and generally keeping me on my toes. FeedBurner tells me there are more of you out there now, and I know with sites like sysadminblogs.com and planetsysadmin.com aggregating my feed my readership has gone up a lot. Very cool, and thank you.


[0] Why change back? They have more redundancy than I have, plus I’m getting tired of running my own everything when all I need is an A, MX, and TXT record. 🙂

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