Are you a sysadmin? You might want to go check out some of the other bloggers out there. A great place to start is over at That site aggregates a number of blogs, mainly sysadmin stuff, and their blogroll is a bunch of great folks with a lot of great content. I was picked up by them quite a while ago, but I have no idea if I’m still getting rebroadcast there (I understand, in the past I’ve had a lot of random content). Regardless, good stuff, and worth a read. Not saying I agree all the time, but a conversation is boring if you’re always in agreement. 🙂

This post was originally going to be a “hey, read all these guys” sort of entry, but their blogroll has a number of the same things I’d point out, so why duplicate?

(Warren’s post on GNU su & the ‘wheel’ group is great. Security? No! All information should be free. Ugh, indeed.)

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  1. You’re also being pulled into Much of the same blogs are duplicated there, although the “blog roll” is larger.

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