I Hate "k"

Email and instant messages that consist solely of the letter “k” drive me nuts.


A) You couldn’t be bothered to type “Okay” or even “OK” in full. It’s hard, I know, especially with a full keyboard at your disposal.

B) You added no value to the conversation. Why even send the message? It is different if I was asking your opinion about something, where “OK” might be an acceptable and desirable answer. I wasn’t, though.

C) You made me open my IM client again, to read ‘k’. I wish I could build a filter in Psi so that any messages that consisted of the phrases “k” or “thanks” or “np” could be silently acknowledged.

D) This makes me think you’re one of those people who has to get the last word in all the time. Don’t be that type of person.

There, now I feel better having said that. 🙂

3 thoughts on “I Hate "k"”

  1. I hate to disagree, but…

    Yes, I send k because I’m lazy (well, that and it’s gotten to be a habit), but not because I’m “OKing” your opinion (or giving mine) or something…

    It’s More like “Message received and understood” — I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve been chatting with someone and they suddenly lose connectivity or otherwise drop out (turn away, get mugged, reach that special point of drunkenness, etc) without the server knowing, so I can’t tell if the person on the other end “heard” me or not.

    Kind of like the “ga” habit, if you ever used a teletype or TDD device. (Or even in the old days of BBSing or direct chat.)

    Yeah, it’s lazy. Then again, isn’t that a quintessential feature of most people involved with computers (or, so they say…)


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