Happy System Administrator Day!

To all those system administrators that have come before me, who have shared their wisdom with me personally or through books, articles, blogs, forum and list postings, I say thank you. I stand on the shoulders of giants every day I work in this field.

To all those system administrators working to advance this profession, in LOPSA and other organizations, I say thank you. It is because of you that we even have this day.

To all those system administrators out there, who toil every day in relative anonymity ensuring the services we rely on stay operational, I say thank you.  It is you that makes things work, keeping the users, developers, and managers happy day after day.

Happy System Administrator Appreciation Day!

5 thoughts on “Happy System Administrator Day!”

  1. Well, managers are never happy, even if our systems are running properly. But that’s besides the point!

    Happy SysAdmin Day back at you.

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  3. Happy Sysadmin Day, may someone bring you some good coffee(I just got a call from a friend who’s network I babysit from time to time..she is doing exactly that)

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