VMworld 2007

Well, I got my request in to go to VMworld, and it’s half-approved already. Let’s see what happens. 🙂

I’m really looking forward to going to VMworld, for the first time ever. Last year I ended up speaking about virtualization at LOPSA’s Phoenix Sysadmin Days instead of going to VMworld. I could have done both, but it would have entailed a drive from Phoenix to LA overnight. Too much stress.

Speaking of LOPSA, they extended the cheap signup period for LOPSA’s New Jersey Sysadmin Days until tomorrow (7/18). Cool.

It also looks like American Airlines is having a fall sale to all sorts of tropical places, 9/2 to 12/11/2007. Hmmm. Now only if VMworld was in Bermuda…

Nah, I’m looking forward to drinking in San Francisco again. 🙂