Day 1, San Francisco

Having flown into SFO at 4:45 PM PST food and drink were foremost on our minds. 🙂

Jack’s Cannery Bar, as suggested by Mike G., is awesome. 65 taps and a wonderful barkeep named Tula.

San Francisco Brewing Company is awesome, too. If you visit make sure you read about Joshua Norton, the first emperor of the United States. They have several menu items dedicated to him, served up by the wonderfully friendly Molly.

– The King George Hotel is great. It doesn’t look like anything special, just a hotel, but they’ve done everything right. The shower head is up high so I, being six feet tall, can shower. The pillows are perfectly dense. There are extra blankets for the chill. The wireless works well. My only complaint is a general lack of outlets. Big freakin’ deal. 🙂

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