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  1. Re: Sprint…

    Rumor has it that Verizon will simply drop you if you buy a data contract (including an “unlimited” one) and then use it “too much” (5GB/month).

    They’ll simply drop your contract for exceeding an unwritten limit, no appeals.


  2. In contrast, dropping you for using too much of your unlimited data plan is not okay. You said “unlimited” so it better be unlimited.

    I guess I understand why people get anxious about companies doing things like this. It’s because there is absolutely no recourse. The company can make your life hell for dropping them, but you can do nothing to the company if they drop you.

    I do believe, though, that the market will sort it out.

  3. At least they drop your contract and you’re free to go to another company… They could do something like veto your data plan.

    And they have more money to spend on lawyers than you do.


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