Site Bug Fixes

My spare time today has been spent chasing down problems with my WordPress theme. Ugh. I remember why I don’t redo the theme very often.

Thanks to Coeus for the suggestion that I add a “Comments” link at the bottom of an article. Done!

The links to the feeds aren’t broken anymore. I’m a dummy and pasted PHP into the widgets. Oops.

The archive pages display content, especially links, correctly now. That was kind of a bummer for the posts, and a bug in the original theme.

I fixed the site search box, so people (namely me) can search for content here. Nothing sucks more than when I’m looking for my panang recipe and cannot find it.

Finally, I added the SEO_WordPress plugin, which helps get search engines to ignore what they perceive as duplicate content on my blog, and index only one copy of my stuff. I’m not sure I’ve got it 100% yet but it has to be better than it was. PageRank of 10, here I come! 🙂

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