New Look, Same Great Taste

Some of you have noted already I’ve changed the theme of this site. Don’t be alarmed, I’m not happy with it yet, either! 🙂

The things I wanted out of a new theme:

  • good blockquote and code tag handling. The old theme didn’t do them right, which sucks when you’re a sysadmin. 🙂
  • better readability. The old theme was gray on white, I wanted to go more black & white, higher contrast. I want the visually impaired friends of mine to be able to read my blog more easily.
  • 100% widget compatible. Widgets are cool.
  • a decent layout where I can experiment with ads. Most of my readers come in via a feed, but I get a lot of Google hits on certain pages, and I’d like to take advantage of that if I can.
  • a layout that supports Alex King’s Popularity Contest and Share This plugins. This isn’t completely there yet (the Share This icon gets places in a weird spot) but it’s a lot better. In the future I’d like to have a sidebar display of my popular posts.

I’m now using a modified Suhweet 1.0 theme. It has the added benefit of allowing “featured” posts, which are headline sorts of things. I’m not sure how much I’ll use this yet, but I like it as an option.

There will be tweaks over the next few days as I get things fixed. If something is wrong let me know. As always, thank you for reading. I appreciate it!

3 thoughts on “New Look, Same Great Taste”

  1. Not, bad. It is more readable I think. Could I suggest one thing? Please put a link to the comments at the end of the article. I always find it annoying scrolling down an article and then having to go back up to grab the comments. Thanks.

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