Safari on Windows, iTunes as the Finder

(writing this inside Safari) 

My take on Safari on Windows: eh, cool. It is fast. Fast ain’t everything, though, but Firefox is really pissing me off lately. Between crashing, leaking RAM, leaking RAM then crashing, there is a lot of room for an ultra-stable web browser. Hopefully Safari is it. It is nice that all the same keystrokes work for stuff in Safari as they did in Firefox.

I also think it’s interesting how the new Finder is just the iTunes interface. Do people really like Cover Flow that much that they have to put it everywhere? Who cares?

I do like how Apple said the iPhone SDK is the browser. Good for you, Apple.

Interesting that there was little mention of ZFS in Leopard. For developers (the ‘D’ in WWDC) that’s a pretty cool feature. 

Anyhow, we’ll see. I’m hoping I can get a new build of Leopard pretty soon to replace the older build I’m running on my old Mac Mini. 

Update: okay, so the visual editor in WordPress doesn’t do carriage returns right in Safari. I figured there’d be some way Safari would suck. If that’s it I’m doing well.

2 thoughts on “Safari on Windows, iTunes as the Finder”

  1. A pitty they neglected the ZFS issue. I really hope ZFS lives up to the hype and Apple starts using it (are you reading this Redhat?).

    I’m hoping hardware RAID dies quickly (see this article about RAID-Z) and painfully, so we can start building infrastructure on the cheapest of 1U servers and implement the 10th-floor-test on them.

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