What? Maintenance Windows?

“I’d like to talk with you about the outage you scheduled for server X.”

“Sure thing,” I reply. “What’s up?”

“You scheduled it during our maintenance window.”

“Yeah. I need to reboot the server to apply the latest patches, so there will be an outage.”

“Maybe we could investigate another time to do this work.”

“You don’t want me to do the work during your outage period?” I ask incredulously. Two months ago these guys were all about only changing things during scheduled outage times. Like, I’d die instantly if I even thought of making any changes to anything. Even adding a user was to be done in the maintenance window.

“Well, that’s our maintenance window.”

“Okay, well, I need a time where I can update your systems.”

“We weren’t aware that Linux systems need updates. If we had known that we wouldn’t have selected that as our platform.”

“All systems need updates,” I say. “Everything needs some downtime to get patched and rebooted.”

“No, that isn’t true. Our Windows servers never need to get rebooted.”

Thank god for firewalls, I guess.

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  1. Wow indeed! Was the person/people management by any chance? I’ve had similar discussions 🙂

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