Vista Officially Sucks

It’s scary, my experience with Microsoft Windows Vista on my desktop machines is starting to make me think seriously about a machine running Mac OS X. Maybe I’ll see if I can snag a cheap Mac Mini on eBay or something.

Or, I could go back to Windows XP.

Linux and FreeBSD aren’t options, given the applications I like to run.

There is very little to love about Windows Vista, overall. Beyond the eye candy updates there are more problems than fixes, and it takes me 50% more clicks to do just about everything.

4 thoughts on “Vista Officially Sucks”

  1. Linux/FreeBSD aren’t options due to the applications you like, but OSX is? Thats a new one to me 🙂 (not a flame, just amused). Out of curiosity, what apps are those that run/can be used on OSX and Windows but not Linux/FreeBSD?

  2. Fair enough. However, thats only 3 apps. You’ll go back to XP for a handful of apps? Why not just virtualize XP then? (not that I’m naive enough to think that you hadn’t thought of it already)

    If you go OSX, try to get an x86 one. For obvious reasons…

    Regardless, diggin (no, not that digg) the blog. Already found many useful tidbits that I’ve used in my SysAdmin job.

  3. I could virtualize XP, but you know, for as much work as I do with VMware I usually shy away from workstation virtualization. Maybe it’s just the idea of having yet another OS to complicate my life. I have been thinking about it more and more, though.

    It’s x86 Mac all the way if I do switch for good. The new Parallels that can do the seamless (rootless, in X11speak) windowing is awesome.

    Thanks for the compliments about the blog! I hope it’s useful sometimes. 🙂 I really enjoy writing it.

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