Not A Complexity Contest

Dear IT professionals and architects,

If we’re having a contest it’s about seeing how simple we can make things, not how complex.

Yes, I know you can run blah in blah with blah against Amazon S3 in a grid with J2EE and blah and blah. The more crap you stack on each other the less likely it is to actually work right beyond this point in time.

While you’re dreaming up Rube Goldberg IT inventions I spend my time tearing them down and replacing them with simple systems that just work.


P.S. I don’t care if you are an “architect,” you’ve obviously never had to support one of these things.


Dear IT managers,

The simplest solutions are the ones you should encourage from your staff. Your crack team of ubergeeks builds neat looking things, but if they are built like a house of cards they will be unmaintainable once those ubergeeks move on. Aim for simple solutions that are easily maintained over time and require the fewest parts to build.