Well, I finally did it. I added AdSense to the sidebar. Sorry folks.

I did it for a couple of reasons. I really don’t expect to make much money, maybe enough to cover my hosting. I don’t view the blog as a source of revenue but as a way for me to share things with the world. I’ve learned and taken much from people who have published their work. I wanted to give back, and I hope that some people find some of what I write useful.

I do want to find out how AdSense works, though. So many bloggers use it, and some of my clients have asked me about it. I want to have answers for them. What’s the best way to get answers? Do it myself!

Feeds currently don’t have ads. I may do that in the future when AdSense supports it. My goal is to keep it from being intrusive.

3 thoughts on “AdSense”

  1. Ads you say. Huh. I don’t see any ads. Oh look, Adblock claims to have blocked something, let’s see what that is. Well, will ya look at that, is blocked. I’ll let those ads back into my browser window when google does something about the fact that 90% of the ads are crap/skeazy/not related.

    On an unrelated note, adblock is also blocking I sure hope you aren’t relying just on them for your access stats.

  2. Whatever floats your boat is fine by me!

    I use Analytics but really I trust the Webalizer reports I run myself. 🙂 Analytics has purdy maps of where people are coming from, though.

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