Sun and Intel

The announcement today about Sun and Intel getting together is interesting.

This looks like them snubbing AMD. I’m an Intel fan myself, so this is good. I’ve had several very bad experiences with AMD hardware, to the point where I won’t use or recommend it to anyone (the jury is still out on ATI, though). Overall, I think it’s good to have options, just like Dell is now adding AMD to their product lines.

This also looks like Sun and Intel snubbing Linux, underhandedly deeming it not mission-critical. If this has the effect of rallying the Linux camp to clean up the rough edges then it will be worth the snubbing. I have plenty of mission-critical stuff running on Linux, and it does just fine. This reminds me of IBM’s treatment of Linux, where they were Linux-crazy for a while, but eventually remembered that AIX is their mission-critical UNIX. It’s all fun and games until someone gets the GPL out.

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