Site Updates

I’ve changed a few things around here, and if any of them are bothersome let me know.

1. I’ve changed the DNS servers for to be self-hosted, adding glue records to avoid the little lag when resolving the domain name. Not a huge deal, but it’s just a little faster.

2. I added Google Analytics code to the web page. I did this a while ago but may not have mentioned it, and I apologize if people were inconvenienced by it. I am also trying to figure out how to add Analytics to the feeds. This is part of my ongoing effort to get useful stats from the site to see what people like of my writing, and then write more of that. 🙂

3. In looking at the stats it seems a bunch of you folks are using the Atom feed, which I neglected to put a link to on the main page. Sorry! It’s there now, with the RSS comment feed, too.

I’m a big fan of Atom, now that most things support it. First, it’s an open standard, defined in RFC 4287, and is extensible. RSS is copyrighted by Harvard University, isn’t extensible, and is basically a closed standard. RSS is underspecified, too, which makes it harder to implement because everybody does their own thing with it (kinda like MP3 ID3 tags). A good reference for all the differences is in a wiki entry at

I wonder when we’ll start seeing Atom-only blogs. Could you switch users from one format to another with a redirect? Doesn’t seem like that would work, since clients probably detect the feed type up front, but that’d be really slick if you could.