Comment Roundup

I looked at my comment moderation queue this afternoon and there were three new comments in there. w00t! I love you folks. Sorry for the delay in moderating them. I wish I could turn that off but without it I tend to get a lot of spam.

– Irfan over at the brand new Virtual Scoop blog pointed out the VMware paper on partition alignment. Very cool. I had seen that but had forgotten to link to it. Thanks dude.

Reading his first post over at Virtual Scoop, I agree, the day-to-day operations of virtualized environments doesn’t get a lot of coverage. I think I’ll try writing a couple of posts over the next week about what we have to do to keep our environments running.

– Some anonymous dude named z4k pointed out that I can use the Microsoft Installer SDK to alter installers that are refuse to install based on your Windows version. I started this by bitching about Adobe shipping installers that refused to work on Windows Server 2003. Turns out there is a workaround. I still contend that vendors should let you install wherever you want but just make it clear you aren’t supported in that configuration.

– According to Jesse Wilson the Martian Technology SlingShot will sync two iTunes libraries on Macs. I still need a Windows solution, and I’d still like iTunes to handle it by itself seamlessly. I’m actually going to have to get back into the Microsoft Visual Studio tools again, maybe I should just write something myself.

Thanks guys!