OpenDNS rules

DNS is one of those services that is fundamental to everything on a computer. As such, I am switching my desktops and workstations to OpenDNS. Why?

A) The ability for users to refresh the OpenDNS cache. When I’m moving domains around nothing is more annoying than getting stuck with cached entries. I normally run my own copy of BIND for this reason, but one of my goals for 2007 is to simplify my life, and if OpenDNS will let me refresh the cache I’ll use theirs. Then I don’t need my own BIND. Plus, if I have my customers use OpenDNS then I can fix the cache for them, too. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to explain how DNS works to get a customer to calm down about a move.

B) Because they correct typos. At first glance this seems potentially dangerous but in thinking about it there are some really simple corrections you can make. My only complaint: my browsers keep the wrong thing in their history. No big deal. If this gets too bad I can shut this off for the IPs I’m coming from.

C) It’s free, and their advertisements are non-intrusive.

D) It’s fast, and they are planning on adding servers in Chicago, making it even faster for me.