Simplification, Phase 2

Last night it was email. If I don’t read it I don’t want it touching my email. I don’t want to scan it for spam, download it, or otherwise have it near me.

This afternoon it is RSS feeds. If I don’t read it it has to go. If it isn’t active anymore it’s outta here. Last, if it doesn’t have a full content feed it’s going, too. I’d rather have ads in the feed than have to switch out to a browser.

80 feeds in. 57 out. I reneged and left Vinography in even though it isn’t a full feed. So I like wine. Nothing wrong with that. 🙂

While I was sitting here I also realized that with 130 people in my Jabber client’s contact list it chimes a lot. Why do I need it to chime when people log in or out? If they send me a message I’ll hear it. If I want to send someone a message I have to look to see if they’re online, anyhow. So why can’t I just nuke those sounds and save myself the distraction?

Plus, this way, when someone has two IM clients that fight I won’t notice. 🙂

All in all, a productive way to spend an afternoon, at least in the dead time waiting for servers to reboot. 🙂