Day 2, San Francisco

Day 2 out here was rainy. Mainly rainy when we were outside, and not rainy when we were inside. Hmmm.

– A stop at SFMOMA to see what was new. I don’t really like a lot of modern art, and it seems SFMOMA has just the right amount for me. Some of it, like “paintings” that are completely blank or a single solid color, just annoy me. How do things like that get into museum collections?

– After SFMOMA we walked down to the Bay. It started raining so we ducked into Gordon Biersch to have a beer, killing time until another friend made it into town and met us for dinner. The “Cupid’s Span” sculpture is pretty cool, and has some neat grass planted below it. I need to find out what it is…

– Our intended dinner destination was the Thirsty Bear, a Russian themed brewpub that serves tapas. Alas, they were closed for a private party, so we ditched to Kate O’Brien’s for more beer, and then to the New Delhi restaurant for some delicious Indian cuisine.

– After dinner we decided to try the Edinburgh Castle pub, but it was the worst service ever. We were lucky to get one drink. Ended up wandering over to the Irish Bank, which was decent enough except we were all tired. Too much food, too much beer, too much walking. 🙂

On tap for today is stuff in the Haight, Amoeba Music, a couple of guitar shops Tula recommended, looking for canned meat in the Sunset (I collect canned meat), the Toronado Room, and Magnolia.