“Share This” Icons

In reply to Alex King’s discussion of potential “Share This” icons, I posit, “what about arrows?” Plus it’s a good excuse to learn more about Adobe Illustrator, which I spend very little time in. No particular reason I picked blue, other than I sorta like it.

I have some other ideas but they need some work…

Update: here are some other thoughts. I didn’t change the color yet, though blue is the color of OPML. We can worry about that if we get a design that doesn’t suck. Green would be good.

We could tip it up so. “Up & out” == sharing, right? Plus the serendipitous shadow arrow pointing back down. You get what you give?


Stars are nice. Who doesn’t like a star? Say “this post is a star” by sharing.


This is my favorite but it looks too much like a window close control at 16×16.


Maybe a star with a hole in it? This reminds me of a logo from somewhere, maybe Carl’s Jr.?


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  1. (cross-posted to my site)

    Looks nice. I kept my root node in the middle rather than the bottom left was to avoid having the icon “grow” in the same direction that the feed icon does.

    One of the reasons I didn’t choose blue was that the OPML icon project is already using blue.


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