Yup, Yahoo! TV Sucks

It’s very interesting that I went to Yahoo! TV today for the first time in probably a year, and upon finally arriving there[0] thought to myself three things:

1) What the heck did they do to this site? What’s with all the promos?

2) Where the heck are the actual TV listings?

3) What the heck did they do to the listings (once I found them, linking at the bottom of the page)? Why can I not get the listings to move except in specific three hour chunks, making it hard to see what’s on because I can’t get it to center on the current time? WTF?

Then, no more than 10 minutes later, saw Jeremy Zawodny’s post about all the negative feedback they’re getting about the (via Alex King). Weird coincidence.

I totally agree with Mr. Zawodny’s assessment that one should not “fuck with simple.” In this case it’s pretty obvious that the goals of the redesign did not mesh well with the goals of the users as they visited the site.

I was tempted to wonder if it was just us techie types that were complaining, but then again, I think it would fail the “mom” test. If I told my mother to go to tv.yahoo.com would she be able to get what she needed? I think not.

Oh well, screw it. I shouldn’t be watching TV anyhow. 🙂

[0] I first tried going to television.yahoo.com. Companies should learn from typo squatters and register synonyms. Redirects are cheap.

3 thoughts on “Yup, Yahoo! TV Sucks”

  1. I can’t understand how they can turn Yahoo TV into such crap. It was so good the way it was, now you can’t search for anything. And why weren’t we given the option of beta or regular? That’s what they did with Mail. It seems they’re trying to advertise programs, when it’s plastered all over the TV everytime we watch it anyways. I hope Yahoo is paying attention to such negative feedback; I’ve been with Yahoo for many years, and this is rediculous.

  2. OK, I clicked on a show. It gave the descripton but also said:

    “No Airings Scheduled. We are sorry, but we can’t find any airings of this episode in the next 14 days.”


    Then it said it had no votes. So I voted thumbs up. Now it is showing a favorable review but the show HASN’T AIRED YET.

    Then as a test, right before the Golden Globes…I serached “Golden Globes”.

    I got the same response:

    “No Airings Scheduled. We are sorry, but we can’t find any airings of this episode in the next 14 days.”

    THE NEW YAHOO! TV DEFINITELY SUCKS! I guess i am going to tv guide or zap2it. I USED to use Yahoo all the time but they lost another customer.

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