OMFG, Commercials Are Sooo Dumb

I don’t know what it is tonight, but I find myself watching television commercials more than usual, now that I’ve commented on other premature, white supremacist toilet brush commercials. The last commercial I noticed in the background was one from Glade. The final statement in the commercial is:

“…and when the oil runs out the candle goes out.”

Really? WOW! Maybe there’s a type of combustion that doesn’t require fuel. Which makes me think that if there is and the folks at Glade know about it they have the energy market cornered. Maybe they aren’t releasing it because it hasn’t passed various government safety tests. It’d suck trying to put out a fire caused by fuel-less combustion. Maybe it’s like a combustive version of Ice Nine, making oxygen scarce.

(sorry, I’m just in one of those moods)