Christmas Already? And some KONE racism?

I’m sitting on my couch catching up on my reading, and I have the television on in the background for noise. And…

…a Christmas Tanqueray advertisement just played. I looked up because I heard the sweet sounds of “Deck the Halls.”

WTF? We have — count them — eleven whole days until *Thanksgiving*.

Every year we gain a couple more days of the Christmas season. This isn’t a bah-humbug sort of attitude. Similar to locking operations in software or XML tags, I like my holidays atomic. 🙂

I was stunned for a second following the Tanqueray ad, and ended up watching an advertisement for a new designer handheld vacuum, KONE, from Dirt Devil. “It’s beautiful enough to stay on display,” according to their web site. For me, though, it looks strikingly like my toilet brush holder.

“Kolorful, Konvenient, and Klean,” according to their web site, which shows the white model… hmm. What’s with the three K’s, anyhow? Don’t marketing people worry about this stuff anymore?

And no, this isn’t a PayPerPost ad, it’s just me pissed off at Tanqueray and Dirt Devil.

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