5 AM Maintenance. Arrrrr.

There is nothing I love more than getting up at 5 AM to patch and reboot servers.


It is nice, though, to have the world to myself at this hour. Quiet, peaceful. If it wasn’t for the fact that I only got three hours of sleep I’d be in heaven. I know I’ll be dragging later today.

I almost forgot it’s Talk Like A Pirate Day! Hmm, going to have to get a few more instances of “Avast!” into my lexicon today. Arrrr.

2 thoughts on “5 AM Maintenance. Arrrrr.”

  1. That reminds me of one incident where I got called in at 3am Monday morning. Turns out an electrician installed a wrong fuse in the battery room causing a fire right next to the com room. This of course is after a 4 hour drive home for me from a weekend getaway. The office was quite peaceful though.

    Double Arrr!

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