ReiserFS, heh

When people comment on my blog I like going to their web sites to see what they have going on. Mark from Blipverts was reminding me of Apple Lossless Encoding, and in reading his blog caught the news about Hans Reiser.

A couple of observations:

1) The couple married in 1999. She emigrated to the U.S. about six years ago. She’s twelve years younger than him, which isn’t a huge deal but seems to be another data point. Um, mail order bride? She was 23-24 in 1999…

2) You don’t re-drug people, they come over and continue to do drugs with you, and then engage in all the random sexual acts. People don’t hang out with other people that drug them, especially people who are studying to be medical professionals.

3) You should never act as your own attorney if you are up against a real attorney.

What a messed up situation.

2 thoughts on “ReiserFS, heh”

  1. When I first read that piece it was like a bad CSI episode. Mail order bride, well known geek, a personal/professional rival, and best of all not a corpse to be found.

    Less intrigue, more coding. 🙂

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