Charter Blows

Dear Charter,

I enjoyed the data service outage tonight. I was only present for seven hours of it, but those seven hours were a blast. I got to play a thousand games of Hangaroo, watch eighty reruns of CSI, do laundry, clean my kitchen, and reread a Harry Potter novel. A banner night for me.

I absolutely have to build a development box for home. That way when I schedule time to work on a project, like tonight, and your service is out, like tonight, I can work on something productive. Not that cleaning my kitchen wasn’t productive, but I’m kinda overstating it. I just loaded the dishwasher and killed a fly.

I look forward to the daily mini-outages that will undoubtably continue like aftershocks from this one to destroy my interactive SSH sessions.



P.S. There is no way in hell I will ever buy your VoIP service with this level of service. Knowing my luck my house would catch fire in the middle of an outage and I wouldn’t be able to dial 911.

2 thoughts on “Charter Blows”

  1. Heh….. I even called them up and bitched…. The secondary english speaker said that I would get a discount on my bill, but I’ve yet to see one (8/30/06). All I can say now is that I have Comcast and things seem much, much, better.

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