Go Badgers

If there is a sport I like more than baseball, it’s college hockey. I was at the Frozen Four on Thursday, and it was a blast. Such good hockey from four excellent teams. The lineage of my tickets meant that I sat in the Maine section. Let me just say this: Maine spectators are as big of fans of their team as Wisconsin fans. There were just 500% more Wisconsin fans, being that the tournament is in Milwaukee. And I, as a Wisconsin fan, dressed in my red jersey, was adrift in a sea of light blue. The upshot is that I made it to the jumbotron a couple of times. If I were sitting in the Wisconsin student section they’d be chanting “asshole, asshole” and all pointing at me. The enthusiasm of Wisconsin fans is like drinking from a fire hose, only with mob mentality.

There was this one Maine fan that broke the Maine mold, though. A complete ass, sitting next to me. Such choice statements, to me, as:

“Wisconsin doesn’t know hockey. They know nothing. Maine knows hockey.”

“What’s in Wisconsin, anyhow? What’s in Milwaukee?”

I responded with “You are in Milwaukee.” That stopped him for a couple of minutes. Only a couple of minutes. At the end of the 5-2 game he announced that he he was burning today’s ticket. Good. Then I’ll have more leg room.

Anyhow, it’s five hours until the game. Boston College has a lot of tournament experience, but if Wisconsin has desire it’s all over. Plus, we need to score first. We’re like Seabiscuit. Or the opposite of Seabiscuit. Or however that works. 🙂

Go Badgers!

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