Self Conscious

The best thing I ever read on a toilet wall was at Gabe’s Oasis in Iowa City. It [read] ‘Your mom swims out to meet troop ships‘” – Neko Case, from her web site.

I’ve heard from two of you now that your news readers caught my inadvertent bookmarking of that page with obscure sexual terms. You were wondering if I’d nuked that post. Yes. I was feeling self-conscious, but you know, I’ll make you a deal. I think stuff like that is funny, and I bookmarked it without thinking, which shows you that I’m getting used to as part of my life. Like, who the hell comes up with those terms? I’d love to use some of those as a naming scheme for servers someday, maybe a project I hate.

Anyhow, my deal is this: I’m not going to feel self-conscious about my bookmarks. I will not censor my bookmarks, even in the name of being “professional” or worrying about the fact that the intarweb archives everything, forever. I promise to tag them as NSFW where appropriate. They are my bookmarks, and you’ll learn from my bookmarks that I link to a lot of technology stuff, and baseball stuff, and other things that give you clues to what I find interesting or funny. Including the occassional off the wall NSFW item, or Neko Case quote.

You reads this blog, you takes your chances. And I’m cool with that.

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  1. I once considered creating book (or now-a-days a blog would probably do) comprising things read on the wall of various toilet rooms.

    My all time favorite, of course, is: “Bob Mayville was here.”

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