Dear Apple: Two Mouse Buttons

Dear Apple,

Your Boot Camp product looks cool. I applaud you for providing supportable solutions to your customers, even if you are encouraging them to use Mac OS X.

However, I still won’t buy a MacBook Pro. How can I run Windows without a second mouse button? I am not going to shift-click, or ctrl-click, for everything I need, and I use my right mouse button a lot. This is also a complaint I have in Mac OS X, too, and with your desktop models you offer a two-button mouse. I have one on my G5. Using a USB mouse on a laptop isn’t practical in many cases, though.

Could you offer a built-in two-button mouse option on your MacBooks?

Thank you.

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  • I just finished installing XP on my macbookpro. I have a apple mighty mouse, which is actually a 5 button mouse.
    In XP, it works like a 3 button mouse – like a champ. The “squeeze” feature is not available in XP, cause it probably does not have the drivers for it yet. Left-Click, Right-Click, Vertical Scroll, Middle button click – all there.

  • Very cool! I still wish you could do left & right clicks on the built-in mouse. The Mighty Mouse isn’t convenient on an airplane. :-)

    I also see you mentioning no iSight. That would be ultra-cool.

  • I just posted a screenshot of it as well. Looks er.. funky. Take a perfectly good laptop and load Windows on it. Sounds cruel.

    Anyway w/regards to mouse. I also used a standard USB mouse – which works too.
    For an airplane (and all other “tight” places) – what you really need is this

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