RSS Bandit vs. Omea

My RSS feed reading has waned recently, half due to time, half due to the BS I have had to put up with in RSS Bandit. Basically, all the FeedBurner feeds get mixed up constantly, and it’s really freaking annoying. And it’s being pawned off as some problem with proxies and such, all of which I’m not subject to. It also doesn’t retry a feed when there is an error, so if I don’t check it I might not retrieve news for a while if there was a problem with a feed.

A colleague of mine just switched to JetBrains Omea, and after looking at it for about a minute I grabbed it myself. I think it’s going to be awesome. I can store the articles forever, it’s got a nice search interface, and it’s got quick links to articles from yesterday, today, this week, etc. so that when I go for a couple of days without reading it isn’t so much of a chore. And on top of that, it was able to read in all my data from RSS Bandit.

On the downside, it looks like Omea is trying to be a lot more than just a good feed aggregator, so hopefully feature sprawl won’t bug the crap out of me. I’d rather have an excellent single-purpose tool than a mediocre multipurpose one.

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  1. If you post about something you dislike in Omea, we’ll definitely read this (and keep in mind) using Omea’s search feeds features. Please don’t hesitate to express your opinion. Thanks!

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