links for 2006-01-29

3 thoughts on “links for 2006-01-29”

  1. I think that drawing templates and MIBs should be freely available. Not a big fan of Visio (my experience of it was based on the badly done just-after-acquisition release which ran very poorly on my work laptop).

    But yeah, the sentiment is there!

  2. Heck yeah. I’d forgotten about MIBs, but I’ve definitely expended a few curses trying to find MIBs for things. The most benign cases are where they’re locked up deep in a vendor’s web site, accessible only with a username and password. The worst I’ve seen is EMC, who wanted to charge me for theirs. Um, no.

    Thanks for the comment!

  3. LOL, thanks for writing!

    May not agree with everything (I’m a Mac turncoat – turned my back on years of Solaris, HP-UX and Windows) but it’s always a good read!

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