To mangle The Clash, I fought the blog and the blog won.

I have avoided a blog for a long time. While trying to avoid blogging I’ve also been yearning to start a system adminstration web site that isn’t just forums. Something with more personality and higher signal-to-noise is in order, where the n00b questions don’t sap the energy of the site. I read a lot of blogs by programmers, such as Phil Haack over at haacked.com and DrunkenBatman at drunkenblog.com, where programming and life as a code-enabled human gets woven into a sort of an ongoing narrative. In hoping to do something similar as a sysadmin, it finally occurred to me that I should do just that: something similar, a.k.a. a blog.

Right now it’s just me yammering on here. Maybe sometime I’ll add others, or do something different. Heck, I haven’t even customized the web template yet, so one thing at a time, I guess. 🙂 At any rate, thanks for listening, and I hope I make it into your RSS feed reader.

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