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Hi, I’m Bob Plankers. I’m a sysadmin, blogger, virtualization architect, ex-storage admin, and actual end-user, but still a storage enthusiast, and, increasingly, a networking enthusiast. In the past twenty years I’ve worked on all manner of desktops and servers, with all manner of software and hardware technology, storage, and networks for private firms and government agencies. Technology is easy. What isn’t easy is people mixed in with the technology. Enterprise system design and architecture is all about how people use and maintain technology.

I call this blog “The Lone Sysadmin” in homage to “The Lone Gunman” of X-Files fame. IT is often a team effort, but even then it’s like a swim team: a collection of individuals, with individual accomplishments, hopefully contributing to some greater goal. Of course, sometimes it is truly just an individual, one person against a whole organization that doesn’t understand what they do or how valuable they are. “No news is good news” constantly bites IT staff in the duff because everybody takes IT folks for granted and only really notices them when bad things are happening. It sucks to be commonly associated with bad things, and misunderstood at other times.

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