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by Bob Plankers on December 5, 2006 · 4 comments

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In reply to Alex King’s discussion of potential “Share This” icons, I posit, “what about arrows?” Plus it’s a good excuse to learn more about Adobe Illustrator, which I spend very little time in. No particular reason I picked blue, other than I sorta like it.

I have some other ideas but they need some work…

Update: here are some other thoughts. I didn’t change the color yet, though blue is the color of OPML. We can worry about that if we get a design that doesn’t suck. Green would be good.

We could tip it up so. “Up & out” == sharing, right? Plus the serendipitous shadow arrow pointing back down. You get what you give?


Stars are nice. Who doesn’t like a star? Say “this post is a star” by sharing.


This is my favorite but it looks too much like a window close control at 16×16.


Maybe a star with a hole in it? This reminds me of a logo from somewhere, maybe Carl’s Jr.?



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