Table Stakes for Storage Arrays

I was just looking at Andreas Lesslhumer’s post about blog posting volume in the virtualization community, and it’s depressing. I didn’t blog a whole lot here last year. Why was that? Because I was writing elsewhere! Speaking of that, the first half of my “Six Features You Absolutely Need on Your Storage in 2015” list is up over at The Virtualization Practice, wherein I outline what the table stakes are for enterprise storage arrays, get only slightly snarky about why we’re still discussing, as an industry, why & how to use flash, and highlight the good work some vendors are doing (SolidFire, Dell, and Tintri in this post, more in next week’s second part). Check it out.

Coho Data

Over the last year or so I’ve been fortunate to work with a bunch of great folks over at Coho Data, who are coming out of stealth mode with the debut of their storage product, the DataStream[0]. I’ve got a write-up over at The Virtualization Practice on the device, but I’ve also got a prerelease unit running in my lab, and I’ve been liking it a lot. Neither Coho nor EMC nor Nutanix will like this comment, but if an Isilon got frisky with a Nutanix cluster the DataStream might well be the love child. Scale-out architecture and great software smarts on value commodity hardware. For both personal and technical reasons I’ve always liked the Isilon products, and they’ve done …

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