The Lone Bookshelf: The Macintosh Way by Guy Kawasaki

(This is the inaugural post of my Lone Bookshelf series. Find more posts using the “Books” category) Last summer my family moved to a different house. By itself, moving isn’t that big of a deal. Take everything out of the old house, put it on a truck, unload it into the new house. What is a big deal is sorting. At the old house all of our stuff had a place, carefully curated and filed and sorted and stored. At the new place our stuff had piles in the middle of rooms. Ugh. I have three large bookshelves from my college years that needed a new home in our new home. Bookshelves are a particularly pernicious piece of furniture. By themselves …

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"When in Rome, be a Roman candle"

“Never be afraid to change the circumstances in which you find yourself.” – Maitri Erwin, in her eulogy for her friend Michael S. Hart, founder of Project Gutenberg and ostensibly the father of eBooks. The title quote appears to be from Mr. Hart himself. It meshes well with what Guy Kawasaki wrote over the weekend, in “What I Learned From Steve Jobs.” Particularly the part about “changing your mind is a sign of intelligence.” I like that, perhaps because I’ve never been apologetic for changing my mind. Or for occasionally being the Roman candle. 🙂