How to Disable Windows IPv6 Temporary Addresses

CPU IconThe default Microsoft Windows IPv6 implementation has privacy extensions enabled, where IPv6 temporary addresses areĀ used for client activities. The idea is that IPv6 has so many addresses available to it that we can create extra ones to help mask our activities. In practice these temporary addresses are largely pointless, and are very unhelpful if firewalls and ACLs are configured to allow access from a specific static address.

By themselves, IP addresses aren’t a good way to authenticate people but they often form another layer of defense. This is especially important for IT infrastructure where there often aren’t (or can’t be) sophisticated authentication mechanisms.

Paste these commands into an administrator-level PowerShell or Command Prompt and then restart your PC:

netsh interface ipv6 set global randomizeidentifiers=disabled
netsh interface ipv6 set privacy state=disabled

I also disable Teredo tunneling as well, so my traffic isn’t going places I don’t know about:

netsh interface teredo set state disable

Good luck!