VMworld 2014 Session Voting Open

One of the most interesting things about VMworld is the public session voting, which is now open. Not many conferences allow attendees to have a say in what gets presented at the conference. If you’re planning to attend VMworld 2014 it’s probably a good idea to vote for sessions that interest you.

I am involved in two session proposals:

2770 – The Art of Migrating to the vCenter Server Appliance

As the vCenter Server Appliance gains maturity, capacity, and functionality it is becoming a serious choice for those running vSphere environments, reducing expense and administration time. This session will be based in first-hand migration experienced and cover what the vCSA is, common use cases and designs, and where the vCSA isn’t appropriate or cannot be easily migrated. We will also demystify the undocumented art of moving from a Windows-based vCenter instance to a vCSA, including migration of permissions, Active Directory, vNetwork Distributed Switches, storage functionality, and Single-Sign On through import/export functions, PowerCLI, and manual labor where needed.

2346 – vExpert Panel – The Software-Defined Debate

The advent of the Software Defined Enterprise has brought promise and debate about what it is, how it applies, what’s the benefit, and how to move from being Hardware Defined. 

This is a panel discussion of VMware vExperts; Keith Norbie (TIG), Tommy Trogden (EMC), Aaron Delp (SolidFire), Bob Plankers (UW Madison) and moderated by John Troyer. This panel will cover a range of questions about enterprise architecture becoming “Software Defined”.

While I’d appreciate a vote for either or both of these it’s more important to me that you vote for things you want to see. That’s how this conference stays useful.

There are lots of other sessions out there that look very interesting. Ones like:

  • 2311 – vCenter Server Architecture & Deployment Deep Dive with @vCenterGuy and Bob Perugini
  • 2745 – vSphere Distributed Switch Deep Dive with @ChrisWahl and @TheJasonNash
  • 2701 – vSphere High Availability Best Practices with @gurusimran
  • 2642 – vSphere on All Flash Arrays with @sfoskett, @vStewed, @datacenterdude, @sakacc, @ericsiebert
  • 2698 – vCloud Hybrid Service: Networking Features Deep Dive with @davehill99 and Ninad Desai
  • 1195 – Ask the Experts: A Deep Dive into Nested Virtualization with @dobaer, @chriswahl, @lamw, @seancrookston, and Jim Mattson.
  • 1850 – The Complete Encyclopedia of vCenter Server – vSphere Management Best Practices by @vCenterGuy

and many, many more. Remember as you’re voting that when the presenter is a vendor the whole presentation will be skewed towards that vendor’s products, because that’s what they work with and know and are paid to promote. Keep that in mind!

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