Linux VM Performance Tuning, Take 3

A couple years ago I started rewriting my venerable Linux VM Tuning Guide, as a series of posts throughout the month of December inspired by Sysadvent (which is running again, and always has good stuff). I called it “Tuningmas” like Christmas. Yeah, corny, I know, but hey. I got about three posts out, then some life stuff happened, and the rest of my draft posts never made it out. 2011 was a year of tremendous highs and tremendous lows.

2012 was a blur, and 2013 has been, uh, sporty, too, but things are settling down. So I’m trying again. I’m not much of a revisionist blogger but the new series will deprecate all my old work, so I’ll likely go back and clean it up.

As always, these are starting points for conversations. I don’t ever claim any of this is 100% correct, because what is correct for me isn’t necessarily correct for you. I always appreciate the polite commentary making corrections and suggestions. Thank you!