Chinwag With Mike Laverick

If you work with VMware software you probably are familiar with Mike Laverick and his RTFM Education site. He’s an accomplished, brilliant, and funny guy, he’s written what is essentially the missing manual for Site Recovery Manager, and he also does a ton of “chinwags” where he talks to various people in the tech industry on camera. They’re great, and I have watched many of them. Shortly before I took some time off here Mike and I recorded a session where we talked about why I think virtual appliances are built poorly, the realities of single panes of glass, Rackspace & cloud maintenance “strategies,” and the convoluted system I built to back up and secure my personal data. He posted it while I was gone, but most of the content isn’t time-sensitive. Check it out!

Mike Laverick: Chinwag with Bob Plankers [Episode 74]