Wisconsin VMUG in Green Bay – April 5, 2012

Just a reminder that there’s a Wisconsin VMUG gathering in Green Bay, WI this coming Thursday, April 5, 2012. Rod Gabriel (@ThatFridgeGuy) says that 80 people are registered so far, so the turnout will be excellent.

Scott Herold of VKernel/Quest will be there to talk about performance & capacity planning (ostensibly with the VKernel tools). Mike Chudzik from Pure Storage will be there to talk about smashing performance bottlenecks, ostensibly by using their storage devices which are all-flash storage arrays and pretty sweet. I’ve seen both of these vendors via Tech Field Day, and they have some interesting things going on. Last in my list (may not be last in the presentation order), Jeremy Gruenke of Johnsonville Sausage will be giving a presentation as well, which seems perfect for the sausage making that is IT most of the time. It’s too bad we can’t treat annoying applications like bratwurst: boil them in beer & onions and then stick them on the grill.

You can register on www.vmug.com for the event.