Is it possible to have too much monitoring?

In the category of shameless self-promotion[0] I’m one of the SolarWinds thwack Ambassadors for the month of March, and I’ve posted my first discussion topic, asking whether it’s possible to ever have too much monitoring.

If you’re not familiar with thwack it’s the SolarWinds community site, it’s great. I’ve been in orbit around SolarWinds since Networking Tech Field Day #1, and I’m happy to take a few topics that are more discussion-oriented and post them over there. SolarWinds also has a whole bunch of free tools there, like a Wake-On-LAN tool I’ve used to wake my VMware ESXi hosts up from standby, a VM-to-Cloud calculator to let you see how expensive it would be to take all your VMs and run them in the cloud, and a subnet calculator I recommend to newer admins to check their work. No problem seems wackier than a miscomputed netmask, after all.

So please, go check it out and tell me what you think (spoiler: I really think that yes, it is very possible to do too much monitoring).


[0] I really don’t do much self-promotion, but hey, if you like what I write here you might be interested in what I’m doing over there, too.