Hey! Go Vote For This Blog!

Hey readers, I’m on the ballot for the top 25 virtualization blogs this year. If you are a virtualization person (and who isn’t these days) would you go to http://vote.vsphere-land.com/ and vote for the blogs you read? It takes about a minute, tops. This blog is “The Lone Sysadmin (Bob Plankers)” in the middle column with all the other “The” blogs, and I’d appreciate you including me in your 10 votes, if you can.

I’m an independent blogger, too, but didn’t make the independent list. Independent bloggers are important to the computing community because we aren’t required to have certain opinions by our employers. Regardless, it’s stuff like this that keeps me interested in blogging because it’s a way to see that people actually use what I write. If you want to see more how-tos like How To Install Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 for VMware vCenter 5, comparisons of scale-up vs. scale-out in infrastructure host sizing, or timely discussion of breaking news like the vSphere 5 licensing changes please give me one of your 10 votes.

You can also vote for your favorite storage, cloud, news, scripting, and video blog, too, many of which overlap with general sysadmin sorts of things. No networking blogs this year, it seems. Maybe next year the virtualization community will realize that we need to talk to our network guys.

Thank you!