Join me for VMware's July 12 "Raising the Bar" Event

If you haven’t signed up for VMware’s webcast on Tuesday, July 12 you should. They’ll be announcing how Cloud Infrastructure is going to take a “major leap forward.” I’ll be on the ground out in San Francisco with David Davis, Bill Hill, and Eric Siebert and I’ll be liveblogging the event and answering Twitter questions.

Considering the event is named “Raising the Bar, Part V” you should probably be able to guess what is going to happen, in light of the Roman numeral (and please don’t think I’m being coy, they haven’t actually told me yet, either). The event starts at 9 AM PDT, which, for most of the US means you’ll need a lot of coffee. But it’ll be worth it. Think of it as training, since you’ll be seeing the future of IT infrastructure.

So go sign up and then stop back here on Tuesday morning for my coverage.