Links for March 30th, 2011

  • “Wow. Amazon can do pretty much anything they want with your files Like say let the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) inspect your music files for any signs that you haven’t pay full price for them. You remember the RIAA; they’re the ones who want $75-trillion from LimeWire for allowing 11,000 songs to be illegally shared.”
  • I’m going to ask Apple to pull all the applications I don’t like, too.
  • “This cool tool gives you the ability to power up SNMP on multiple Windows servers and workstations—all without leaving the comfort of your cube-shaped superhero lair. That’s right. Now you can simultaneously install and enable SNMP on two or two hundred remote servers without breaking into a superhero sweat.” I love the SolarWinds folks.
  • “Hideaki wasn’t going to let a pair of soul-crushing natural disasters deter him from doing awesome shit and saving his family. He dove down into the water, completely submerged in the freezing cold, pitch black rushing current on all sides, and started swimming through the underwater ruins of his former hometown.” Language NSFW, but the guy is a badass.